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On Reading and Walking and Thinking…
Thomas Evans, David Rule, Emmanuelle Waeckerlé

The Saison Poetry library, Southbank Centre, London
13th January - 1st March 2015

An exhibition bringing together three international artists who respond to the world through the written word, performative drawing, sculpture and the printed page.
Thomas Evans' The Theatre of the Wobbling Worlds is a theatre for a single performer composed of numerous pivoted stages laid out in a loose grid. Each wobbling stage
presents an idea of the world, inviting participants into a humorous homage to the idea of the 'theatre of the world.' David Rule?s 'Adventures' and 'Untitled' series of short texts and prompts suggest opportunities for reveries along the South Bank. Emmanuelle Waeckerlé's PRAELUDERE uses a verbal score as a catalyst for action (walking, writing, singing and drawing) and as a map to explore and record the South Bank.

This project, curated by Chris McCabe (Saison Poetry Library) and Emmanuelle
Waeckerlé (bookRoom)
, follows up on the findings of BOOKLIVE! symposium (2012) and ensuing publication The Book is alive! (2013), two bookRoom research initiatives on the impact of digital technologies on the making, sharing and experiencing of print-based work.

bookRoom is a research group based at UCA Farnham engaged with research, critical production and dissemination of page and screen based works.

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