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Little epics of the everyday

2009 current

Moving stills is a growing collection of short videos (one single unedited take), of poor (in the sense of humble) yet moving documents of the everyday, the result of chance encounters between time passing, my penchant for contemplation and the stillness of my camera.

I often use the video function of my still digital camera, more appropriate to document the various layers of time and meaning contained within one single still frame. Be it a strange atmosphere of an Austrian woods, a collision between a fly and a snail, a dangling apple in the wind, a seagull lunching on a live rabbit in Inverness, a crane slowly lifting a liftbox in Glasgow, the stillness of a frog in a fish tank in Brixton, a bridge lifting across a canal in Paris, the wind blowing on long grass in the Highlands, a clumsy photographer in St Yrieix ....

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