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2006 - ongoing

MOIblog is a written and visual summary of one’s life as it happens, a weekly online chronicle in image and text.

Navigating between self consciousness, awareness, confusion and intuition, the words observes the numerous ups and downs of everyday life and world events as they happen, as well as their immediate psychological, emotional, social, and practical consequences.

The camera points outward and records it all: changes of seasons, family rituals, friends, knitting, cooking, bad habits, cows, dead animals, visitors, loved ones, lost ones, projects, travelling …

Every year for 5 years I publish a limited edition yearbook THE YEAR, bringing together text and images of the last 52 weeks of my weekly blog experiment.

I have had to take a break for the past few years. Life has taken over and i have had to deal and cope with the illness then the death of both parents, the ensuying colapse of a family and a major relocation to a new home. I should be able to resume soon, possibly and hopefully wiser, stronger.

THE YEAR vol.1 to vol.5 are available to buy or to download freely from this site.


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