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I confessed

1997 / 2006


DVD – 9.54 mins

A personal moment of introspection is turned into a public spectacle again.
I confess a 25 minutes long video performance took place in Aug 98 at the I.C.A in London.

The intention at the time was to expose and challenge the voyeuristic fascination that public confessions can elicit in an audience, bearing in mind that the fascination is normally proportional to the sensationalism of the act revealed. In this case, the momentary preoccupation, frustrations, anxieties, fears and confusion of a 35 years old woman artist.

8 years later, I am revisiting this personal and timely introspective work and re-editing the original recorded monologue. Trying perhaps to free myself from past concerns that I do not necessarily (wish to) relate to anymore.

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