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a reading of the body
2000 - 2002

Collaborative work with Czech artist Robert Novak

Epidermis exploits a specific condition Robert suffers from (med.Urticaria, spec. Dermographism), his skin reacts to any contact with an object by developing a temporary relief scar.
In this project this minor yet spectacular skin imperfection is put to good use. I have used the surface of Robert’s body as a ‘blank page’ onto which I, the writer, inscribe various words & symbols. The selective process of negotiation between us (through which the words are chosen) reveals a peculiar relationship developing between the writer, writing and the page.
The whole process is recorded in a series of photographs, videos and performances.

exhibited at the Globe gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, August 2000.
and for “On my way to Timbuktu” group exhibition at I.F.A Berlin and I.F.A Bonn in Germany in October 2002 and January 2003 - with catalogue.

see epidermis video in moving images section



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