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the sound of one mind thinking
sound installation

abstract melody made of layered spoke words inspired by Roland Barthes essay “ the rustle of Language”

The installation consists of the random layering of 4 soundtracks each played on a dinstinctively old and mismatched CD player. The melody thus created is continually evolving as does the mechanics of the artist’s mind at work; sometimes operating with clarity and insight, most often in confusion and chaos.

Each track is representative of a particular aspect of Language.
- breath as primal language
- emotional/reactive language of laughs cries and vocal noises
- reflective/psychological language as random reading of various notes, texts and word plays written between 1997 and 2001
- a continuous monologue reflecting upon the passing of TIME, read counting each second in between words as cognitive/representational language. When123was123the1123last123time123?123

exhibited (under the provisional title of Inner voices) at MAXIS international festival of experimental sound in Leeds in April 2003

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