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Composers meet Composers

WANDELWEISER / HEIM.ART mentoring project

Die station, Neufelden, Austria
9th/16th June 2018

Mentors 2018
Antoine Beuger, Joachim Eckl, Radu Malfatti, Michael Pisaro, Emmanuelle Waeckerle

Aaron Breylin (US), Frederik Donche (Belgium), Jameson Feakes (Aus), Josten Myburgh (Aus), Florencia Sgandurra (Argentinia)

A very special week in Joachim Eckl very special creative hub and gallery ‘Die station’ in the middle of the Bohemian woods. Each participant spent one full day with each of the mentors (walking, talking, playing, listening, creating, …). Breakfast, lunch, dinner: together. In the evenings: concerts, readings, performances by Florencia Sgandurra, Radu Malfatti, Josten Myburgh, Aaron Breylin and a new work / textual score of mine ‘wandering’.

wandering score download



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