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Bohemian trips
2 site specific video installations

Both videos have been shot locally and edited on site, Brief encounter last year for the same occasion, and Bohemian trip during this year Wandelweiser week long series of concerts and installations. Brief encounter was projected big and without sound in a dark basement underneath Jurg Frey small speakers installation, the sound of which fitted so perfectly and magically the pace and pathos of my video that we both decided that it would be a good idea to use his wonderful piece as a soundtrack to my video.

Bohemian trip was shown on a small monitor, on board Joachim’s Eckl ship wrecked sculpture work der Grunberg. The concourse of this big metal grounded boat is covered with high grass with a perfectly cut alley in the middle. The monitor stands at the end of this alley under the boat canopy. Both image and sound of this short video blend entirely within the environment, emphasizing the eery and dreamy quality of the work.

Wandelweiser collective annual meeting at Die Station Neufelden, Austria, July 2009

see Bohemian trip in moving images
see Brief encounter in moving images



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