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Ballade n 2

Klang im Turm, Munich - 23rd of October 2009

with Christoph Nicolaus on Stone Harp

Lets take a walk - Your hands - my voice - 1 step = 1 breath = 1 sound
There are 100 steps to this ballade. Each step, breath, gesture taken is either short medium or long, according to the instructions given in the visual score.

Ballad n*2 is a new performance work which looks at of one of life most defining gesture, walking.
Walking is understood here as a simultaneous act of writing and sounding (space). Each step I take leaves a vocal trace, mostly breathing with a few percussive and monotonal interventions. Each step Christoph Nicolaus takes , transforms into a sonic gesture on his stone harp.

In this work I draw parallel between writing and walking, understood here as simultaneous acts of marking and reading (space).

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