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The word made flesh again
interactive installation


" The BwO (body without organs) is desire; it is that which one desires and by which one desires. ‘How do you make yourself a body without organs ? " Deleuze and Guattari

VINST is the outcome of a multidisciplinary pratice-based research project aiming to explore personal cultural borders and digital-human relationships on the edges of Language.
VINST is a unique vocal instrument, part human part virtual - a body without organs consisting of my body image displaying points of sonic sensitivity. The sounds are pre- or non- linguistic, and are based on how the body reacts to touch and how it produces sound. Audiences are invited to construct a non-verbal dialogue with my virtual vocal self.

Over the past 5 years, VINST has been the vehicle for many fruitful collaborations and dialogues with artists, writers, musicians, academics and audiences, around issues of communication and translation across languages and borders in an increasingly global and virtual world.

VINST - Another voice (and other voices)

I am planning to conclude the project by bringing together around an exhibition, a publication and a series of live events, the various outcomes of the project as well as partners and collaborators that have interacted with the instrument since it exists. I intend to build upon the way the instrument has successfully transcended issues of translation and communication across borders and mediums.

programmed in Max MSP and Jitter by Sebastian Lexer
with financial support from Arts Council London and UCA research Fund

The interactive installation and the accompanying performance lecture Birth of Vinst and sonic improvisation a duo with VINST have bee show at a number of venues across Europe, including Cuny centre in New York 2009, Centro de Historia in Zaragoza, Spain 2008 - Theatre museum in London and DRHA conference in Dartington Hall in Septembre 2006 – Lagerhaus Neufelden in Austria in May 2006 - MINDPLAY conference at Metropolitan University in January 06 - LSO St Luke’s festival in July 2005 - EXPO 966 in Scarborough and INPORT International Video-Performance Art Festival in Tallin / Estonia in June 2005.

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and Vimeo album of various VINST appearances

download a case study on the project by Mike Pringle.
A more immersive presentation of programmed interactive video

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