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THE YEAR vol.1 to 5

the one an only reality yearbook

Every year in the autumn, I published a limited edition yearbook, bringing together text and images of the last 52 weeks of MOIblog.

THE YEAR vol.1 is a document commemorating fifty two weeks spent on the edges of one’s body and mind. In 2006 I dedicated a whole year to fight a chronic illness. The battle took place in France a country I left behind 24 years ago. I kept a weekly blog throughout to keep close ones informed of my progress and in case I ever wanted to find my way back once it was all over.

THE YEAR vol.2 to 5 are continue commemorating on paper the MOIblog experiment, an online weekly chronicle in words and images, keeping track of my progresses, my ups and downs, tribulations, and jet set life style on a shoe string in between two countries, two languages, two cultures, following my failed attempt at medical decontamination and cultural recontamination of 2006.

Each is a limited edition of 30 – 21cmsx25.5 cms – laser prints on cyclus paper 115 grs – soft cover – stitched - with poster and DVD supplement. Bought in 2010 by Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris and bookRoom collectionS in 2009

THE YEAR vol.4 and vol.5 condensé acts as picture supplements to the eponymous publications bringing together a news headline and a photograph for each of the MOIblog entry, thus creating a summary of a whole year via a random interplay between a current affair headline and a more private photograph. The design of the cover is inspired by POINT DE VUE et Images du Monde, a well known French monthly celebrity magasine, equivalent to Gala.

I was forced to stop MOIblog and this yearly document when life became even more complicated and challenging, triggered by my mother's heath problems then passing followed 9 months later by my father. I am hoping to resume my weekly chronicles at some point.

download THE YEAR vol 1 (2006/07) 64 pages – 27713 words – 104 images

THE YEAR vol 2 (2007/08)
64 pages – 27713 words – 106 images

THE YEAR vol 3 (2008/09)
66 pages - 2 6 3 7 0 w o r d s - 9 0 image s

THE YEAR vol 4 (2009/10)

35101 words - 77 photographs - 72 pages – 1 poster - 1 dvd supplement
THE YEAR vol 4 condensé 14 pages, 13x18 cms, laser prints on cyclus paper 115 grs, stitched

THE YEAR vol 5 (2010/11)

35 178 words - 64 photographs - 72 pages - 1 poster - 1 dvd supplement - 21x25.5 cms
THE YEAR vol 5 condensé, 18 pages, 13x18 cms, laser prints on cyclus paper 115 grs, stitched




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