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KUNST IM BAU 5 - 9th February 2014

performance (50 mins)

with Marcus Kaiser (cello), Christoph Nicolas (stone harp), Emmanuelle Waeckerle (voice)

Every footprint is a song... the song of life... painted on the sand... painted in air…(Nanao Sakaki (1976)

First performance of the PRAELUDERE book of ballades from the 20th century.
The 3 performers were in adjacent spaces, only able to hear each other’s response to the score.
A video projection consisting of a close reading of the book provided a point of rest for the audience that was free to wonder from one space to the next. Chairs were also provided.
The performance was recorded and the soundtrack was subsequently added to the video, thus becoming the only remaining trace and document of the event.

On two subsequent occasions I sat alone (without an audience) with the PRAELUDERE score, using drawing, writing and voice to express and preserve the fleeting experience.Traces of these two (drawn, walked and performed) ballades can be downloaded below: a few sounds, images, words and marks on paper, that have become new pages for eyes and mind to explore.

PRAELUDERE im Munich ballads download

PPRAELUDERE (ballades from the 20th century) score
PRAELUDERE in Düsseldorf (07/2015)
PRAELUDERE in London (02/2015)
PRAELUDERE in Neufelden (o9/2014)
PRAELUDERE in Haan (05/2014)
100 steps print


KUNST IM BAU (Bahnen) 

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