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On Reading and Walking and Thinking…
Thomas Evans, David Rule, Emmanuelle Waeckerlé

The Southbank centre Saison Poetry library 13th January - 1st March 2015

Fourth activation of the PRAELUDERE book of ballades as an exhibition of the PRAELUDERE score alongside traces of previous ballades.
Every Thursday at 5pm, for the length of the exhibition, I sat by the window looking out using the PRAELUDERE book of ballades to map where I was, what I saw / heard, absorbing more each time while gradually being more absorbed.
Traces of these new ballades, a few sounds, images, words and marks on paper, together with a field recording of the location, have become new pages and a video for eyes and mind to wander.

This is part of a body of work (videos, prints, artist book) exploring the notion of the ballad as being somewhere in between a walk and a song.

PRAELUDERE in London ballads download

PRAELUDERE (ballades from the 20th century)score
PRAELUDERE in Düsseldorf (07/2015)
PRAELUDERE in Neufelden (o9/2014)
PRAELUDERE in Haan (05/2014)
PRAELUDERE im Munich (o2/2014)
100 steps print



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