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ATELIER IM OF, Haan - 4th May 2014


Sandra Schimag and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (voice and objects)

- PRAELUDERE is on my table, and open, accompanied me into the new year. I like to read these pages, to think about, scores and poems. And to think, that what looks more like a score is a poem and vice versa. (Jürg Frey 2014)

Second performance of PRAELUDERE. The performers were sitting beside each other behind a long and high wall of plants, barely visible to the audience sitting on the other side.

The performance was recorded and the soundtrack was subsequently added to an original video reading of the score, thus becoming the only document of the event.

PRAELUDERE in Haan ballad download
PPRAELUDERE (ballades from the 20th century) score

PRAELUDERE in Düsseldorf (07/2015)
PRAELUDERE in London (02/2015)
PRAELUDERE in Neufelden (o9/2014)
PRAELUDERE im Munich (o2/2014)
100 steps print



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