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PRAELUDERE in Düsseldorf

KUNSTRAUM , Düsseldorf
For KLANGRAUM 2015 curated by Antoine Beuger (7th July – 8th August)

25th - 26th July at 7pm

Fifth activation of the PRAELUDERE score alongside an installation of previous traces of PRAELUDERE ballades.
First performance From Neufelden to Düsseldorf - 69 mins
with Antoine Beuger (flute), Marcus Kaiser (cello), Emmanuelle Waeckerle (voice, whistle)
Second performance From London to Düsseldorf - 54 mins
with Antoine Beuger (flute), Sandra Schimag ( voice), Renate Hoffmann Korth ( voice, wind machine), Emmanuelle Waeckerle (voice, whistle)

Every Afternoon during my 6 days residency in KUNSTRAUM, I sat in the courtyard outside, using the PRAELUDERE book of ballades to map where I was, what I saw / heard. Traces of these whimsical ballades, a few sounds, images, words and marks on paper, together with a field recording of the location, will soon become new pages and a video for eyes and mind to wander.

This is part of a body of work (videos, prints, artist book) exploring the notion of the ballad as being somewhere in between a walk and a song; writing, drawing, seeing and walking are understood here as simultaneous acts of marking and reading (space).

Klangraum program
PRAELUDERE (ballades from the 20th century) score
PRAELUDERE in London (02/2015)
PRAELUDERE in Neufelden (o9/2014)
PRAELUDERE in Haan (05/2014)
PRAELUDERE im Munich (o2/2014)
100 steps print


PRAELUDERE in Thornton heath 
1 of 9 performative drawing on blank wallpaper

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