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Reading (Story of) O
a collective reading

23rd and 24th July at 7pm
KUNSTRAUM , Dusseldorf
for KLANGRAUM 2015 curated by Antoine Beuger (7th July – 8th August)

Reading (Story of) O (published by Uniformbooks, Uk) brings together (Story of) O a graphic and semantic reworking of the original story (English and French words coexisting on the page) accompanied by two fictional texts (Story of) A and (Story of) E, and Reading O, a few simple strategies and choices for reading—alone or with others, in private or to an audience, so that you may find your way through it as through you own story. This is the first collective reading in English and French with 9 readers, it lasted 48 mins.
Sitting in our own little world our eyes wander between what we see what we know and what we seek, heart and mind hovering in-between. Some words speak to us more than others. We pick one, caress it with our breath, just enough to make it ours, our self-consciousness temporarily abolished by the vertigo of another’s language.
Various reading experiments and abstractions of the story are gathered in Ode (owed) to O a double cd released by Edition Wandelweiser in June 2017.

Ode (owed) to O double cd (2017)
download the Reading Notes download

Reading (Story of) O book
first public reading of O (2011)
first public Only score (2017)



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