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Reading (Story of) O

Published by Uniformbooks (September 2015)

The famous erotic novel Story of O began as a series of love letters written by Anne Cécile Desclos to her lover Jean Paulhan. It was first published in French in 1954, under the pen name Pauline Réage, and the official English translation appeared in 1965.

Fifty years later Reading (Story of) O reprints, in parallel, both English and French versions in a graphic reworking of the original story in an attempt to navigate a passage through this difficult literary work and its notorious yet little known history. Included are three further texts:(Reading) O, (Story of) A, and (Story of) E.

(Reading) O provides a series of instructions for reading alone or with others. Various reading experiments and abstractions of the story are gathered in Ode (owed) to O a double cd released by Edition Wandelweiser in June 2017. Does a story ever end?

Ode (owed) to O double cd (2017)

“To a greater or lesser extent, everyone depends on stories, on novels, to discover the manifold truth of life. Only such stories, read sometimes in a trance, have the power to confront a person with his fate. This is why we must keep passionately striving after what constitutes a story.” George Bataille. Blue of Noon appendix: The author’s foreword (1957)

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ISBN 978 1 910010 07 5 - 208 pages, 234 x 142mm Paperback with flaps - Distributed by Central Books

A Review by Leigh Wilson for The Contemporary Small Press online magasine, 9/03/2016.

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