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Jungle fever (wish you were here) in London

First take off - Saturday 7th of May 2011 - 10.30 to 6pm
STRIKE STUDIOS, 68 Clapham Manor Street, London

JUNGLE FEVER (wish you were here) examines tourism as an artform; tourism as a collective exploration of one's personal borders as opposed to a generic consumption of exotic places.

London travellers; Natasha Caruana, Amanda couch, Oliver Froome-Lewis, Bim Hjortronsteen , Petri Huurrinainen, Karen Livesey, Emiley Matthews, Robbie mc Robbie.

They all came prepared wearing comfortable clothing, sunglasses a small backpack and a digital camera. i guided them on a trip to their own “hidden paradise”. It is safe to say that it was a memorable experience for all involved and that authentic travel was achieved, far and beyond.

‘I'm so glad I made it here, you should here come next time too’ (Petri)
‘and you don’t even have to go to the airport and fly there’ (Karen)
‘ Great pool, food amazing - wow! And the bar is so close.... Looking forward to next year already. Home soon, O. (Oliver)

Tour operator – MOItravel Inc.
Project funded by UCA research fund

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