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Jungle fever (wish you were here) in Munich

Klang im Turm - 29th September 2012 - 11am to 7pm

an 8 hour trip
we all have our way to get there
our way to remember
three times eight is twenty fou

JUNGLE FEVER (wish you were here) was initiated in 2011, originally as an attempt to reclaim
Leisure and Tourism using the strategies of their consumption. The project has evolved in response to what fellow junglers contributed along the way, strategies and insights that are feeding through future manifestations and activations.
The term JUNGLE FEVER has become synonymous with a safe environment and a heightened state of mind where one may put life on pause for a while, and if need be take the time to consider, play (with), or challenge whatever one choses too.

Second activation of the JUNGLE FEVER user’s guide with the 8 hour excursion proposed from page 22 to page 30. JUNGLE FEVER is a 42 pages user’s guide in three languages (English, German andFrench) with a map, proposing possible destinations and activities conducive to take one beyond
one’s personal borders and daily routines; short ballades, 8 hours and 24 hours journeys.
These instructions can be followed literally, metaphorically or poetically and the accompanying
map refer equally to the body, the mind or the environment (indoor or outdoor) as potential
sites of exploration. The gallery space is turned into a departure lounge displaying relevant visual and textual data, traces of past destinations. it is also a base and a meeting point where food and refreshments are provided.

with antoine beuger, marcus kaiser, christoph nicolaus , joachim eckl, Elke Richly, Sabina Richly, Birgid Ruehl, Marina X, and many other visitors through out the day.

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