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Jungle fever in Athens

for Gestures of Resistance
Romantso Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece
Exhibition 20/30 April 2017 - Procession Sat 22nd April, at 12.30pm

A map and 2 banners

Gestures of Resistance, curated by Jean Wainwright "responded to our current general mood of political anxiety and alienation". (press release)

JUNGLE FEVER promotes the importance of play, not just play for its own sake, but playing as an act of resistance, playing seriously and creatively to re-think the here and now, to reclaim it from politicians, bankers and city planners.
“ Leisure will have an important role in society. The role of the artist is to promote the creative use of leisure and creativity as a way of life, but also as a weapon against alienation”. Robert Filliou, Teaching and learning as performing art, 1970

The JUNGLE FEVER in Athens map refers equally to one's mind, body, or the city itself as potential sites for gestures of resistance. The instructions provided on the back of the map elude to a playful and creative approach to protesting; as acts of resistance against ruthless capitalism and consumerism, as ways of changing the world without wanting power, in the words of John Holloway. Some of the slogans have been inscribed on 2 JUNGLE FEVER banners used in a procession.

JUNGLE FEVER (wish you were here) was initiated in 2011, originally as an attempt to reclaim
Leisure and Tourism using the strategies of their consumption. The project has evolved in response to what fellow junglers contributed along the way, strategies and insights that are feeding through future manifestations and activations. It is now more concerned with a broader engagement with the everyday, advocating an active rather than a passive or consuming attitude.

download JUNGLE FEVER in Athens map

Gesture of Resistance website
Exhibition Supported by the University for the Creative Arts and the British Council

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