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Jungle fever (wish you were here) in Singapore

Substation theatre - 23rd 24th June 2011
for R.I.T.E.S

This is the third collective experiment, after London and Beirut, exploring Tourism as an artform and offering ‘authentic travel and beyond’ as an alternative to packaged holiday.
In Singapore it was conducted as a prelude to my performance, “The art of letting go (on the edges of language)”; an exercise in verbal procreation and story telling, weaving together personal, conceptual and whimsical concepts that might have led me to become a tourist guide for authentic travel and beyond.

It lasted all day in the wonderful air conditioned Substation dance studio, authentic travel and beyond did take place, and travellers took many snaps. We finished the day in the famous Singapore Botanic garden an authentic tropical jungle, one of the oldest in the world. it was fascinating to see how our actions were blending in so well with reality, passers by often joining in naturally. Three short video recorded what we did and were shown the next day in the theatre to conclude my Singapore story.

a few of those who got involved; daniela beltrani, kim criswell, jason lee, elisabeth lim, acid reef, chand chandramohan, leon chao yang...

Tour operator – MOItravel Inc. Team - R.I.T.E.S
Project funded by UCA research fund and Singapore art council

R.I.T.E.S performance images
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UNGLE FEVER (wish you were here) in singapore 
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