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Jungle fever (wish you were here) in Beirut

16 to 18th May 2011 - ZICO house, Sanayeh, Beirut
20th May - Sunflower theatre, Beirut (with Alligora PROJECT organised by Human & Urban)

1 departure lounge evening - 15 travellers
1 day trip - Zico house - 4 travellers
1 excursion by the seaside - 2 travellers
1 day trip - Sunflower theatre - 10 travellers
1 24h indoor marathon - Sanayeh - 15 travellers

- JUNGLE FEVER (wish you were here) consists of a series of indoor and outdoor collective experiments in an attempt to re-invent tourism as a collective exploration of personal borders as if they were exotic sites. In Beirut I guide two groups of willing ‘tourists’ on a trip to their own “hidden paradise”. The first one on the roof of Zico house in the centre of Beirut. We also took to the streets to create a series of short improvised actions responding to the environment.

In Sunflower theatre, the tour was focused around the famous martyr square statue, a monument to the troubled history of the country, finishing as a series of improvised reenactment.

a few of those who got involved; zico house, hatem imam, susanne schuda, yasuyo tanaka, sunflower theatre, human & urban, georges h. rabbath, nour beydoun, maya ghorayeb, grand papier...

Tour operator – MOItravel Inc. Team - Hatem Imam, Zico house, 98 weeks
Project funded by UCA research fund

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JUNGLE FEVER (wish you were here) in beirut 

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