frrree mon cheri CD by Bouche Bée (Earshots, July 2023)

Widdershins, (Matchless Recordings, July 2023) 1 of 4 CDs of Eddie Prévost ‘Bright Nowhere’ concerts at café Oto (July 2022).

The Way We Blend, Episode 1: Emmanuelle Waeckerlé, Podcast (July 2022)

Sounds of Absence | Various artists.
What is left if we aren’t the world ( 2020)
(Gruen 209, Gruenrecorder, 2022).

A direction out there, readwalking (with) Thoreau (EWR 2109/10, Edition Wandelweiser, 2021)

Ode (owed) to O (EWR 1712/13, Edition Wandelweiser, 2017)

Black and Blue (bandcamp, 2020)

Entre Chien et Loup by Bouche Bée (bandcamp, 2020)

Dark Before Dark, London Experimental Ensemble with Ian Sinclair (577 Records, 2021)

Bouche Bée (duo live) (bandcamp, 2017)

Bouche Bée (duo) (bandcamp, 2009)

cycles of pointlessness (bandcamp, 2002)

TRUCE / PRAVDA (bandcamp, 2002)

SILENCIO (bandcamp, 2001)