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(story of)


score for one voice and instrument(s) based upon Pauline Reage ‘s Story of O.

The infamous erotic novel from 1954 is being abridged by the reader who choses sentences that speak of O’s journey of sexual violence and self-destruction in the name of love. He/she reads slowly, tentatively, just loud enough to be heard by all, ten to fourteen phrases with long silences in between, from a copy of Pauline Reage book, accompanied by musicians.

 Each involved - reader, player, listeners - is finding their own way to deal with such writing publically, while collectively attempting to give it another kind of attention, to transform it into another form of being together, of enjoying and taking pleasure in being together. 
One needs an accomplice for such writing, as one needs an accomplice for such reading.

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(story of) was first performed and recorded by Emmanuelle Waeckerlé in Thornton Heath in November 2016. An arrangement of the recording by Andre O. Moeller constitutes the first track of Ode (owed) to O, double cd released in July 2017 by edition Wandelweiser. Further performances include Klangraum 2017 (Düsserldorf), Café Oto 2018 (London), Constellation 2018 (Chicago).

Ode (owed) to O double cd (2017)
(story of) performed @Constellation (2017)
(story of) performed @ café Oto (2018)
(story of) performed @Klangraum (2017)
O(nly) score (2016)
O(hh) score (2017)
Reading (Story of) O book (2015)
Reading (Story of) O collective reading (2015)



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