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song of an intention



Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, London


With Petri Huurinainen (guitar, bow and ebow), John Eyles (saxophone), Mirie Ya (trumpet), Helen Frosi (objects), Stephan Barrett (clarinet), Emmanuelle Waeckerle (voice)

This was the first performing of the song of an intention score for voices and instruments. The work offers a lose structure and a situation for exploring through sound subtle shifts of attention and awareness of being one, of being two, of occupying that space between us, while eluding to the romantic ideal and impossibility of ever achieving total unity or intimacy with another.

The project is inspired by Becoming One : a duologue in practice a commission for a collaborative text and series of photographs with Manuel Vason(2017).

This was the 6th Hard Work event curated and hosted by Paul Ingram and Ed Shipsey. Other performers were poets Jeff Hilson, Tim Atkins and Camilla Nelson, as well as electronic duo Isntses.

'song of an intention' by luciddream in Thornton Heath on 05/10/2019.
with Chris Hill (clarinet), Petri Huurinainen ( guitar, bow, ebow), Ed Shipsey (voice, objects), Emmanuelle Waeckerle (voice) here

An earlier version of the score has been performed in Denton (Texas) in August 2019 for Nebulae Concert: Works by Hennies, Liang, Pisaro, and Waeckerlé by performed by Ryan Seward, Matthew Frerck, Louise Fristensky, Chase Gardner, Sarah Ruth, and Daniel Ryan.

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