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More than voice..

workshop and performance by WZ vocal duo

Hundred Years Gallery, London - 21/10/2019

part of Art Licks Weekend 2019

The workshop explored how voices encounter other voices and other languages in the unique acoustics of Hundred Years Gallery space, experimenting with the vocalic and phonetic qualities – of the various mother tongues at our disposal on the day. We explored voice, language and translation through exercises relying on free improvisation and deep listening practices. “ 8 different mother-tongues, 12 voices/lungs, 24 ears - listening together to the sonority of language, our voice is an extension of our listening experience. “ Yifeat Ziv

In the following performance, WZ shared some of their original free and structured vocal compositions on the edges of and in between languages (English, French, Hebrew). This included a participative piece developed with the 12 workshop participants.

WZ (Waeckerle and Yifeat Ziv vocal duo) is interested in exploring the vocalic and somatic dimension of speech, the saying rather than the said, focusing on those aspects of the voice that exceeds language, in an attempt perhaps to reconnect the word to its vocalic roots.
We perform regularly as part of London’s experimental music scene, where we met in 2018, as well as nationally and internationally through our individual art and music practice. Together we explore the encounter between two feminine voices, floating in translation on the edges of and in between languages, in both free and structured forms.

This was the first public outing of our work together.

samples of our vocal work (improvised and composed) here



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