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Live Streamed from London IKLEKTIK - 24th March 2021 8pm

With rarescale
•Carla Rees (Flute)
•David Black (Guitar)

The Irish composer Greg Caffrey is the 6th guest composer of the series of streamed concerts, after Marie Cécile Reber (CH, Feb 2020), Gildas Quartet (UK, Oct 2019), Marcus Kaiser (DE, May 2019), Stefan Thut (CH, April 2019), Jessica Aslan and Emma Lloyd (UK, March 2019).

The Uses of Not (2006) for classical guitar and alto flute.
Tre Correnti (2013) for solo alto flute
Variations on a Dream of Tárrega (2016) for solo classical guitar (World Premiere)

As a guitarist, Greg’s compositional forms follow from the strengths of the guitar, not just in the works for this instrument but also translating them to others. Arpeggio patterns and runs are echoed in the solo Alto flute piece Tre Correnti for example. Greg works in the domain of fully notated through composed composition. His works share a fluidity of colour and tone that allows the performer to interoperate, challenge and respond to the written material.


Carla Rees is a performer (low flutes, Kingma system and baroque flutes), arranger and composer. She is Artistic Director of rarescale and her original works and arrangements for flutes are published by Tetractys Publishing
David Black specialises in contemporary classical guitar but has a broad range of musical interests, from early music and the lute to electric guitar. is busy performing solo, as one half of the Albach Guitar Duo and with contemporary music group rarescale.

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The concert series, is a collaboration between bookRoom and the Audio ResearchCluster at UCA Farnham, curated by Emmanuelle Waeckerlé and Harry Whalley, around their common research in extended, textual, visual, gestural and object scores and



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