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Cosy Nook with Nomi Epstein

Thornton heath, London, 20/07/2019

with Chris Hill (clarinette), Phil Durrant (mandolin), Ed Shipsey (percussive objects, voice), Artur Vidal (saxophone), Emmanuelle Waeckerle (shruti box, voice)

For the 8th Cosy Nook and the fourth one of 2019, we welcomed Chicago-based composer, curator/performer Nomi Epstein on the last leg of her European visit after Vibrant Matter Portraits #2: The Music of Nomi Epstein in Berlin (27/06), music we would like to hear in London (03/07), QO2 artist residency in Brussels (1-19/07).

We performed some of her recent text scores ; Communications (3): Language - Combine, Juxtapose, Delayed Overlap - For Cage99 - Sparsely Placed.

Nomi Epstein’s music centers around her interest in sonic fragility where structure arises out of textural subtleties and in notational practices that combine traditional and graphic or spatial conventions. She researches, writes, and lectures on post-Cagean, notated, experimental music.
Nomi is the founder/director of a•pe•ri•od•ic, experimental music ensemble and part of NbN improvisation trio and her compositions have been performed throughout the US and Europe by ensembles such as ICE, Ensemble SurPlus, Wet Ink, Mivos Quartet, Wild Rumpus, counter) induction, the Southland Ensemble, and Dal Niente. She produced the Chicago area 2012 centennial John Cage Festival, and co-produced the 2014 Chicago Wandelweiser Festival and the 2017 Galina Ustvolskaya Festival.

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