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Cosy Nook with Stefan Thut

Thornton Heath, London, 13th/04/2019

Swiss composer and cellist Stefan Thut performed anew (2018), never until then played in front of an audience.
For quite a while Stefan has been fascinated by singing in head voice. In anew a string player may replace common instrumental techniques like bowing or plucking a string by singing quietly, thus enabling him/her to experience the distance between the human body and instrument since the voice always resides inside the body and perhaps the possibility of the merging of both playing and singing.

For Stefan music is directly linked to the sensual, if the sensual is taken in a literal meaning as the starting-point of perceiving music at all.” His music and recordings have been released by Edition Wandelweiser Records, Another Timbre, Elsewhere, Intonema, INSUBrecords, Leerraum, to name a few.

This concert took place a couple of days after Stefant Thut at Iklectik in London and at UCA Farnham.

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