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Atelier Cardew / Nature Study Notes

ENSA, Limoges

 23/26 Octobre 2018 

A four-day workshop with a group of Fine Art students at L’école nationale superieure d’art (ENSA) in Limoges, part of a year-long research elective on text base scores and Fluxus publications curated by Didier Mathieu from Le Centre Des Livres d’Artistes.
Atelier Cardewdownload
I conducted the workshop according to the scratch constitution with some of Robert Filliou's principles from his seminal Teaching and Learning as Performing Art. Each participant had a scratch book, a research project, and made a scratch instrument. A lot of time was spent discussing and translating the rites before trying them out. New rites were written. Each day was documented in writing and in images by a designated witness.
The week concluded with a seventy minutes long Nature Study Notes with five original rites (75,146,119,34,13), five new ones and occasional scratch music; performed by Jonathan Bass, Veronique Framery, Louis Lanne, Didier Mathieu, Luna Mouries, Park Nayeon, Marie Pic, Jiang Pengyu, Hu Rui, Emmanuelle Waeckerle.
New Nature Study Notes ritesdownload

Originalt Scratch orchestra members Stefan Szczelkun donated a few copies of the Nature study Notes scores remaining from the Chisenhale and Café Oto events of 2014 and 2015 and Carole Chant let me photograph her wonderful Scratchbook from 50 years ago.

This workshop took place nearly 10 years after Sebastian Lexer and I worked with the music school and local choir of a nearby town to perform Cardew’s The great Learning Paragraph 3, as part of Jeux de Bouches a project where I brought together the various cultural, social and educational structures of a small city, St Yrieix la Perche, to work together with invited international artists around a common theme – the mouth organ.


Nature Study notes score 

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