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Only / qu’O
2 Scores for voice(s) and instrument(s) based upon Pauline Reage ‘s Story of O.

Alone together, you aloud to yourself, your mouth moving O, your voice to those.
Echoes of O, unbound for moment, of O, of you.

Vous voix pour vous-même, votre bouche O, votre voix mots résonnent vous, échos votre propre.
Vous ou O. Votre bouche pour son mot O. Votre voix contenant O, prononcé pour, échos O.

The English (and French) content of this infamous erotic novel has been tempered with, so that only words containing the letter o and O the character remains. O is released vocally. Instruments, one per chapter, read her as a note or chords on a stave of words.

Only was first performed in July 2016 at Jazz schmiede in Dusseldrof by Antoine Beuger, Alissa Cheung, Andre O. Möller, Josten Myburgh, Samuel Vriezen, Emmanuelle Waeckerlé.
The recording is included in Ode (owed) to O, double cd released in July 2017 by edition Wandelweiser.

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Once downloaded the scores can be printed as A3 double sided spread and folded. The cover and the 4 chapters are contained within one double sided spread each. Edition of 100, 20x27cms, 8 pages, laser print on 90 grams office paper, sugar paper cover.

Ode (owed) to O double cd (2017)
Reading (Story of) O book (2015)
Reading (Story of) O collective reading (2015)



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